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2015 Schedule

  • Saturday, October 3
    Let's Talk About Food
    The fourth annual Let’s Talk About Food Festival returns to Copley Square in Boston on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015. Author and James Beard award winner Marion Nestle will join Roger Berkowitz, CEO of Legal Seafood, Sheila Bowman of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Chefs Jody Adams and Sara Jenkins and many more for this unique free event, bringing together more than 20,000 people for an all-day exploration of the food we eat. The festival is curated by Louisa Kasdon, the CEO and Founder of Let’s Talk About Food. Louisa has created over 50 food and health based public events in Boston that bring the public and experts together to deepen their understanding of the role of food in our world. Presented by Let’s Talk About Food and The Boston Globe, the 2015 Let’s Talk About Food Festival brings together celebrity chefs, farmers and fishermen, nutritionists, non-profits, public officials, parents and food experts to tackle topics of interest in a fun and meaningful way, mirroring the topics of food that are dominating the national agenda. Let’s Talk About Food Festival will offer something for anyone who cares about what they eat, with activities that are a mixture of fun, education, hands-on and mind-bending. WBUR’s Bob Oakes will lead the stage for the Seafood program, one of the many programs available, of the Let’s Talk About Food Festival as the emcee. Legal Seafoods’ CEO Roger Berkowitz and Executive Chef Richard Vellante will present a hands-on seafood demonstration that tackles the complex topic of New England fisheries today. They’ll also experiment with native sea vegetables from Maine as a sustainable ingredient of the future.
    ILLUMINUS Preview Party
    The ILLUMINUS Preview Party is an exclusive opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with the artists and curators of ILLUMINUS to hear what inspires them, what drives their creative process, and how they have pushed technology to meet their creative vision. Join us starting at 7pm to meet ILLUMINUS artists in an informal setting and experience an immersive installation “Flux Perception” by Nada Tarkana and Aman Singhvi. Starting at 8pm the artists and curators will share stories and behind-the-scenes videos of their artistic process, punctuated with live music and poetry performances. The presentations will be followed by audio-visual performances and a DJ set– all in the cool and casual atmosphere of the House of Blues Boston at 15 Lansdowne Street.
  • Sunday, October 4
    De-Stress Boston
    Work, school, traffic, relationships – they all create stress in our lives. De-Stress Boston offers an antidote and an opportunity to experience the power of stress reduction techniques to improve health and build resiliency. This free, community-wide session will be led by Herbert Benson, MD, a pioneer in Mind Body Medicine. Benson, along with a team of experts from the MGH Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, will lead participants in step-by-step exercises in yoga, tai chi and other stress-busting techniques. They also will be joined by Project Uplift, a mental health and mindfulness awareness project which allows participants to “lift the world” by reducing stress and anxiety.
    Fenway Forum: What's the Right Thing to Do?
    Should we try to live forever? Make machines that can outthink us? Create perfect kids? Trade our privacy for convenience? Buy our way to the head of the line? HUBweek invites you to an unprecedented civic event, led by one of the world’s leading political philosophers, in an iconic Boston setting: Fenway Park. Harvard’s Michael Sandel has been described as “the most relevant living philosopher,” a “rockstar moralist,” (Newsweek) and “currently the most popular professor in the world.” (Die Zeit) His legendary course “Justice” is the first Harvard course to be made freely available online and on television. It has been viewed by tens of millions of people around the world, and inspired public debate about the big moral and civic questions of our time. Sandel’s lecture tours have taken him across five continents and packed venues such as St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), the Sydney Opera House (Australia), and an outdoor stadium in Seoul (S. Korea), where 14,000 people came to hear him speak. Join us as Sandel leads an all-star panel of authors, artists, entertainers, and other well-known public figures in a lively discussion—with audience participation—about some hard ethical questions and the meaning of citizenship today.
  • Monday, October 5
    Boston's Innovation Run: Birthplace of Revolutionary Ideas
    How have some of the best ideas and inventions birthed right here in Boston grown into some of the greatest innovations of the modern world? Take a guided fun run through the building near Faneuil Hall where Alexander Graham Bell and Tomas A. Watson first transmitted sound over wires and learn about many other "first" where Boston's brightest masterminds have paved the way for today's most important innovations. Joining this Adventure will be world-class local athletes.
    From Opioids to Alcohol
    Mass General Hospital and Boston Medical Center will convene clinicians, researchers, policy leaders, community members and others for a highly interactive discussion on this regional and national challenge. In particular, we will look at how the most recent advances in neuroscience can influence the development of policy, prevention and treatment. Structured as a mini hack-a-thon, small groups will use a case study – to take a fresh look at building prevention, treatment and recovery management approaches that work.
    Four Global Health Threats, Four Global Health Opportunities
    Examine four major global health threats that challenge the lives and health of millions of people in the US and globally: 1) Old and New Pandemics, ranging from AIDS and malaria to such new threats as ebola; 2) Social and Environmental Threats, ranging from air and water pollution to obesity and smoking; 3) Poverty and Humanitarian Crises, including natural disasters and wars that impact health; and 4) Failing Health Systems, seeking better health care for the money spent. The greater Boston community is invited to learn both about new research that is at the forefront of change, and to explore how public policy can achieve large-scale solutions at lower cost.
    STEM Speed Networking
    Creating the Next Generation of Innovators The future of economic growth in Massachusetts requires a pipeline of well-educated young people who are prepared to enter the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). Mass General Hospital hosts 50 non-profits that serve K-12 students and industry representatives for STEM “speed dating” to facilitate collaboration. Through a morning of conversation and brainstorming, participants will develop strategies that promote STEM partnerships for K-12 students, and help create the next generation of Boston innovators.
    Solve Convocation, Open Sessions and Reception
    The CURE roundtable will undertake the challenge of how to leverage innovations in healthcare delivery and medical research to make care affordable and universally available. To deliver on this challenge, CURE seeks to impact near-term productivity improvement and longer-term radical innovation as a path to transform everything from fundamental research to delivery of patient services at all points of care. CURE will focus on five areas of research and healthcare innovation, tackling issues that include cancer, brain disorders, mitigating the risk of infectious disease, leveraging IT, and more. The MAKE roundtable addresses the issues of basic infrastructure, the future of work, and new foundations for innovation in the digital economy. MAKE invites members of the greater Boston community who seek to better understand the social and economic factors that foster prosperity. Explore ways to reconcile the economic goals of more jobs, more automation, and greater efficiency. How will we create modern cities, using less energy and producing less waste? How can we make the tools required to usher in a new era of entrepreneurship? How can we spark a new era of business innovation that enables all who work to benefit equitably from the value they create? These events are free and are hosted in conjunction with HUBweek and as part of Solve, which will hold its inaugural meeting on the MIT campus October 5-8, 2015. Solve aims to inspire extraordinary people to work together to solve the world’s greatest challenges in the context of four content pillars- Learn, Cure, Fuel, and Make- with a common purpose: to make the world a better place. For more information about Solve and to register, please visit
    MADE @ MassChallenge Hardware Startup Showcase
    MassChallenge welcomes all startups, sponsors, partners, investors, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, community members and startup enthusiasts to the inaugural MADE@ MassChallenge Hardware Startup Showcase! The MADE@ MassChallenge Hardware Startup Showcase features the 15 highest-impact hardware startup companies participating in the MassChallenge Accelerator as well as 15 startups from the Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Accelerate Program. This is a major opportunity for the manufacturing community to meet the 2015 MassChallenge hardware startups and meet many promising up and coming companies out of Wentworth Institute of Technology. The Showcase will allow stakeholders to network in a creative, fun environment and explore each product in an open-floor exposition.
    Celebrate Boston Party
    Party with the best in Boston’s tech, non-profit and culinary scenes at Celebrate Boston, the kick off party to HUBweek on October 5th. WeWork, Atlantic Ave is the meeting spot for a night of fun and excitement, as 25+ local companies and organizations gather to share what they’ve been passionately working on and their vision for their future in Boston, each with a unique and engaging activation, designed to delight and inspire attendees. Eat, drink, mingle and network with Boston’s vibrant tech community. Join 800 of Boston’s techies, bloggers, foodies, students, and culinary masters for a party to celebrate the best in Boston at the first-ever MITX Future Leaders Group party, Celebrate Boston.
    Pilates in the Park
    If inspiration is what you seek, kick off your HUBweek experience with a mind-blowing, body blasting Pilates session presented by New Balance. Always in Beta, New Balance’s recently launched brand platform is a promise to relentlessly improve, push, evolve and progress. It’s a rally cry to athletes everywhere to achieve and then reset their goals. Reset your goals and join us to start HUBweek on the right foot with famed Pilates instructor Hanneke Antonelli. Experience the iconic Copley Square Park through sport, root yourselves in the heart of the city, and celebrate all that you and this city can do. Join us for welcome and bag check at the New Balance Experience Store by 6 PM, followed by Pilates in the Park. Light snack and beverages served, bag check available, and yoga mats provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    Women in Medicine Series: When Doctors Report the News
    Join two Boston physician-journalists and moderator Carey Goldberg, co-host of WBUR’s CommonHealth blog, for an engaging conversation about balancing two careers – medicine and media. Suzanne Koven, MD, a Mass General Hospital physician in primary care and internal medicine takes you inside the doctor’s world through her writing. Her work appears regularly in The Boston Globe,, and other publications. Mallika Marshall, MD, practices internal medicine and pediatrics at Mass General’s Chelsea and Revere Health Centers and is an Emmy award-winning Medical Reporter for WBZ-TV, and has contributed medical segments for Katie Couric’s daytime talk show “Katie” and New England Cable News (NECN).
    Art. Science. Learning.
    What happens when we bring art and science together in the classroom: their approaches, their values, the learning potentials inherent in both? What is it like for a student to combine approaches drawn from the arts and sciences either in a classroom activity or in their individual work? What is it like for an instructor to develop learning experiences that are similarly cross-cutting and interdisciplinary? The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Harvard Ed Portal hosts an evening of interactive demonstrations and discussion exploring the remarkable power of art and science brought together in the classroom. Come explore and experience a multimedia happening that spans the perspectives of instructors, students, artists and scientists. You will participate in three experiences; focusing on the use of personal narrative to drive an interdisciplinary understanding of biology; exploring how observation and drawing allows for a more profound analysis of objects; and making and prototyping as an expression of problem solving. We will then be joined by Professors Rob Lue, Alyssa Goodman, and Doris Sommer, for a response to these experiences. Due the the experiential learning nature of this program, attendees should be prepared to stand and move comfortably, and accommodations will be made for those who would like to sit.
  • Tuesday, October 6
    Innovations in Care Delivery Symposium
    An invited group of 50 clinical administrators from Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Health, UPenn, Virginia Mason, Mount Sinai and other national health systems will convene to launch the first national consortium designed to improve system-wide health care delivery. The day-long symposium will feature guest speakers from Harvard Business School, Google Ventures and corporate leaders.
    Crowds and Climate Conference
    Climate change is a global issue with local repercussions. Many of us want to help find a solution but the problem can seem too big to impact. The Climate CoLab ( is a quickly-growing global community of over 35,000, where people propose, collaborate on and support ideas via an online contest platform. The objective: to harness the worldwide collective intelligence of thousands to address global climate change, tackling the whole spectrum of climate issue, from reducing emissions from transportation, to shifting attitudes and behavior. Contest winners will present their proposals, and highly interactive sessions allow participants, experts and winners to work together to both develop new approaches and to move winning ideas into action.
    Cancer: Innovative Breakthroughs and Personal Journeys
    Boston is widely acknowledged as a worldwide center for cancer diagnosis and treatment, a field which is being transformed through scientific discovery and life-saving therapy. The MGH Cancer Center brings together leading clinicians, researchers, policy leaders and cancer survivors to explore the newest innovations and challenges in cancer diagnosis and treatment for a day of programming that is as relevant for clinical and research professionals as is it for patients and families. WCVB’s Kelly Tuthill, a breast cancer survivor who this summer gave birth to her third child.
    State of the Podcast, 2015
    Do you remember a time before podcasts? In today’s on-demand society podcasts have become the default source of news and entertainment for millions. In the 13 years since podcasts launched, an entirely new industry has emerged to support the nontraditional media models, expanding the public’s access to news consumption. Join us for a discussion with pioneering figures in the field of podcasting and Internet audio to talk about how podcasting emerged, and what trends could determine its future. This event is hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, which in 2002 helped launch the RSS 2.0 spec, paving the way for the subscription-based audio downloading services that make podcasts work.
    Revolutionary Makers: Paul Revere Meets 3D Printing
    Meet one of the fathers of independence: Tour the Paul Revere house and learn about the man behind the myth-his career as a silversmith and craftsman-from a renowned historian. In contrast, learn how modern makers are exploring new fabrication methods and small scale manufacturing using 3D-printing. Interact with new materials, including some inspired by natural environments.
    Innovation Village Stroll
    Ames Business Park, the entrepreneurial epicenter of Somerville, is home to some of the most creative minds in the Boston area! Come see how this neighborhood with deep historical roots has transformed into the “Innovation Village.” Explore and learn from the maker space Artisan’s Asylum, Aeronaut Brewery, the country’s largest cleantech incubator, Greentown Labs, and many more!
    Solve Roundtable: FUEL
    The FUEL roundtable takes on the challenges to double energy and food production, halve carbon output by 2050, and set a path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2100. Whether providing energy to rapidly developing industrial countries or powering the infrastructure of an increasingly technology-driven economy, global energy demands continue to grow. How do we generate and store energy from cleaner sources? How will we provide food and clean water sustainably to 9.6 billion people? How do we mitigate the impact of climate change now and in the future?
    Women in Medicine Series: Driving Ourselves Happy
    Nancy Etcoff, PhD, a cognitive researcher, examines the science of happiness and beauty addressing why and how we work to achieve both, and the surprising effect this effort has on our bodies. As an instructor of “The Science of Happiness” at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Program in Aesthetics and Well Being at Massachusetts General Hospital, and author of Survival of the Prettiest, Dr. Etcoff will share her expertise, lead the discussion, and answer questions about our pursuit of happiness and beauty.
    Intersections: Harvard Arts in Allston
    The neighborhood of Lower Allston is a burgeoning arts scene - come experience three great Allston-based organizations advancing arts, education, cultural exchange, and entrepreneurship both locally and far beyond. Co-hosted by the Harvard Ed Portal and Silkroad, this casual meet & greet will feature performances by members of the internationally-acclaimed Silk Road Ensemble and by Harvard students. Visit the art galleries at the Ed Portal and its neighbor, Gallery 224 at Ceramics Program – Office for the Arts at Harvard, meet local and international artists and musicians, and enjoy refreshments with representatives of these vibrant organizations housed just down the street from Harvard Square.
    The Globies
    The Globies Presented by Mercedes-Benz, a first-of-its-kind sports awards celebration, honors the best of the New England sports scene, on and off the field. The inaugural event will take place on October 6 at the House of Blues, Boston. The Boston Globe sports editorial team will select the winners and, for certain awards, fans will be able to help choose the award recipients.
    Made in Boston: Stories of Invention and Innovation
    Join Boston’s best chroniclers of innovation for an evening of unforgettable storytelling at historic Faneuil Hall. This signature HUBweek event will feature the city’s best journalists, authors and innovators offering a behind-the-scenes look at stories that originated in Boston and reverberated around the world. From best-selling author Ben Mezrich’s gripping tale of the Harvard undergrad who went on to help found Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, to Tom Ashbrook’s amazing story of dancing in the living room of legendary MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, this is a rare chance to hear the stories-behind-the-stories about Boston’s most renowned innovators. This intimate HUBweek event, hosted by author and WBUR Dear Sugar co-host and Cognoscenti contributor Steve Almond, features Ashbrook, the host of WBUR and NPR’s nationally syndicated radio program On Point; Mezrich, the best-selling author of The Accidental Billionaires (the book on which the film The Social Network was based); Joi Ito, head of MIT’s Media Lab, and one of the world’s leading advocates of internet freedom; Kara Miller, host and executive editor of the nationally syndicated radio show Innovation Hub; Judy Norsigian, co-founder of the Boston-based Our Bodies, Ourselves collective that revolutionized women’s healthcare; journalist and feminist Laurie Penny, and the award-winning Boston Globe technology columnist Hiawatha Bray.
  • Wednesday, October 7
    Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges
    Hosted by MIT. Complex challenges require a new way of thinking, working, and leading. MIT faculty will frame the three-fold nature of a whole-systems approach to design—technical, managerial, and socio-political—in ways that can be applied across industries. MIT experts and business leaders will share best practices and lessons learned in designing and developing solar batteries, virtual services, wearables and healthcare for underserved communities, and more. Whether you are an engineer, designer, manager, or curious problem solver, come join us as we examine the points of intersection among technology, business, and social sciences, and how to apply “interdisciplinary design” solutions.
    Beyond Technology
    Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital. When talking about improving health care, many people automatically think about new technology that claims to revolutionize health care and save money. During HUBweek, health care leaders take on a more difficult assignment, changing the health care delivery system to improve patients’ health, and manage costs in an intelligent way to keep health care affordable. This daylong session includes providers, insurers and policy leaders from Massachusetts. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker will deliver the keynote address. The goal is to put a stake in the ground and craft a vision of innovative health services that will continue Massachusetts’ national leadership in charting a future for our patients and the U.S. health care system.
    Still Alzheimer's
    Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital. Alzheimer’s disease affects one in nine Americans after age 65. Boston clinical researchers like MGH’s Rudy Tanzi, PhD, director of the MGH Genetics and Aging Research Unit, and Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD, director of the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, stand at the forefront of breakthrough discoveries to advance the understanding and treatment of Alzheimer’s. From genetics, to new clinical trials, to caring for family members at home, the breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s are changing the future of how we are all affected by this disease.
    Libraries: the Next Generation
    Hosted by Harvard University. In today’s digital world, geographic location is no longer a barrier to gather information. Launched in collaboration with the Berkman Center, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has transformed the delivery and access to these institution’s incredible resources and artifacts. Researchers, scholars, students and the public at large can now engage with an online portal that puts these educational assets at their fingertips. Join us for an exploration of how libraries are drawing on their past and using technology to create new resources for scholarship and education.
    GlobeDocs Film Festival
    Hosted by The Boston Globe. The GlobeDocs Film Festival is an interactive community event series happening over five days in select theaters across Boston. Designed to engage, promote and celebrate film and production talent, the film festival screenings are specifically curated to include lively, hosted post-film discussions. Also during the festival, the recipient of the newly-launched The Boston Globe’s Filmmakers Fund Award will be announced. Opening Screening & Party: Most Likely to Succeed, 7:00PM Opening Night Party, 9:00PM
    Coping With Climate Change: How Will Boston Adapt?
    Hosted by Harvard University. We know climate change is rapidly altering our environment. But do we have the tools to make it better? Join a panel of thought leaders from Boston and beyond to examine how Boston will manage the impending impacts of climate change. Listen to what we know about the science of climate risks, and what the Boston community should be worried about. Hear how Boston and surrounding communities are preparing for the coming storm, and what kinds of investments may prevent the worst types of damages. Imagine how Boston will look, as buildings and infrastructure change with sea level rise in a warmer world.
    Solve Roundtable: LEARN
    Hosted by MIT. The LEARN roundtable will undertake the challenge of how to provide quality education to all people, anywhere in the world, who wish to learn. As the foundation of economic and social progress for all of us, the change imperative includes designing new models and modes of learning to reach those who do not have access to education, in the context of the economic, cultural, and political barriers. How can we teach, at scale, the essential skills for how to learn? How can we attract future teachers? How do we transform organizations to offer lifelong learning?
    The Power & Promise of Precision Medicine
    Hosted by Harvard University. Precision medicine is the personalization of health care by incorporating genetics, environmental factors and patient history to develop more precise therapies for treatment. On October 7, participate in a spirited conversation about why precision medicine matters, who will have access to it, who’s going to pay for it, and how it may affect patient privacy. Join the conversation between Harvard Medical School faculty members George M. Church, PhD ’84, Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics and founder of the Personal Genome Project, and Isaac S. Kohane, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics and professor of pediatrics and health sciences and technology.
    Harvard Innovation Lab Startup Showcase and Celebration
    Hosted by Harvard University. The HUBweek celebration of innovation in the Boston community takes center stage at the Harvard i-lab on the evening of Wednesday, October 7th with a Stand Up Start Up Showcase of some of the most compelling Ventures emerging from the i-lab, the centerpiece of Harvard Innovation. Attendees will get to see, hear, taste and touch some incredible innovations, ranging from tiny houses, robot hands that work, DIY DNA analyses, crunchy (of course) insect snacks, and the next generation of performance optimization systems for athletes. Product demonstrations will be supported by rapid fire stand up presentations by company founders addressing their biggest challenge and the contributions of the Hub and i-lab community. Food and Drinks will be served.
    Your Brain on Art
    Hosted by Harvard University. How does light help and inspire artists to create visual stories about places, moments, or experiences? What happens inside people’s brains when they admire art? Neurobiologist Margaret Livingstone, Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, and photographer Sharon Harper, Professor of Visual Art, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University, will explore these questions and illuminate the science and art behind seeing, perceiving, and creating images. The lecture is part of a series of cross-disciplinary events co-organized by the Harvard Brain Science Initiative, the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture, and the Harvard Art Museums.
    Doctor, Patient, Writer: Personal Illness Narratives
    Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital. Alice Weaver Flaherty, MD a Mass General Hospital neurologist, researcher, educator, and author of The Midnight Disease, will talk about the neural basis of creativity from a very personal perspective. Dr. Flaherty describes her experience with hypergraphia, the overwhelming compulsion to write down everything on her mind. Her condition was triggered by a post-partum mood disorder following the death of her twin sons shortly after birth. Join this highly personal journey of creativity and grief. Examine the brain science behind hypergraphia, writer’s block, and creativity, and gain understanding of triggers that cause a neural response to trauma.
    Million Dollar Women
    Presented by Ballentine Partners. Hosted by Golden Seeds and HBS Women's Association. Over the last 20 years, U.S. women have founded nearly twice as many businesses as men have, but only 3% of women-owned businesses earn revenues of $1M or more. Why is this? What can we do about it? Helping new entrepreneurs get to scale and success requires a high level of teamwork and patience from all involved. By combining their industry knowledge, hard work, access to capital, and angel investing best practices, female investors, together with their entrepreneurs, can change this 3% statistic one investment at a time. Join entrepreneur and author Julia Pimsleur (CEO of Little Pim) along with Carolyn Fikke, angel investor, Golden Seeds member, and Little Pim board member, for a conversation about angel investing best practices. In a lively discussion with audience participation, you’ll hear about Julia’s and Carolyn’s respective roles, their work together, and how those efforts can be replicated by other courageous women.
    Economic Growth for All
    Hosted by U.S. Conference of Mayors. The US Conference of Mayors’ Community Development and Housing Committee, chaired by Newton Mayor Setti Warren, convenes in Boston for the launch of a new initiative to strengthen pathways to the middle class and beyond. Join a town hall discussion at Roxbury Community College, featuring a panel of mayors and other leaders from across the country, who will talk about what is being done to connect people with the economic opportunities they and their families need to be financially independent. The discussion will be centered around bringing together leadership across the public, nonprofit, and business sectors to use data to develop strategies to promote an inclusive innovation economy.
  • Thursday, October 8
    Inside Kendall Square
    Hosted by HUBweek. Kendall Square is a place, and a state of mind. It’s where students and experts tackle the toughest problems on earth, and seasoned scientists tap into the energy of entrepreneurs to launch inventions that change the world. HUBweek invites you inside Kendall Square to experience the most innovative square mile on the planet through a series of 25 events. Come to bump and connect with change-makers at a moveable feast of events ranging from bees, to biomedicine, to beauty. World-renowned research institutions open their labs, and leaders loosen their ties, to share stories and works-in-progress with the community. Take part in curated conversations. Party-on with artists and foodies. Join the esprit de corps that makes Boston and Cambridge the place to be.
    Undersea Research, Climate Change & The Future of Science
    Hosted by Ideas in Action. Explore the underground laboratory of Dr. Peter Gurguis, and the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. In his labyrinth of underwater discoveries, meet the creatures that sparked animators' imaginations in Finding Nemo. Shed some light on modern oceanographic research and how the deep sea and its denizens play a critical role in supporting all life on earth. Hear how renewable energy is finally becoming competitive with fossil-fuel sources and its implications on climate change. Finally, find out how discoveries in natural ecosystems are being used to treat and cure diseases.
    The Future is Now
    Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital. In the 1997 thriller “Gattaca,” parents predetermine children’s lives by designing their genetic makeup. In “Star Wars,” Luke Skywalker uses a bionic hand after his own is lost in a battle. What was once science fiction is now medical innovation. Clinical investigators in Boston hospitals and universities are working together to deepen understanding of brain disorder, disease and injury, explore the role of nature versus nurture in mental illness and lead technological developments that use thought to control movement in patients with severe spinal cord injuries. Join these experts in a thought provoking session to understand more about their extraordinary work and hear their predictions about the next big developments in neuroscience.
    The Federal Circuit at Harvard Law School
    Hosted by Harvard University. This is an opportunity to observe and attend oral arguments being held by The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as part of a tour of Boston-area law schools. The Federal Circuit is considered the most important technology law court in the country. As the only court that hears appeals in federal patent cases aside from the Supreme Court, they set nationwide standards on the scope and contours of patent law, along with many other issues of national significance. Attendees can watch experienced oral advocates debate four actual cases on a variety of legal issues.
    Beautiful Brain
    Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital. State-of-the-art biomedical imaging enables clinicians and researchers to peer inside the brain; to “see” pain, identify bio-markers for disease, capture the effects of addiction, and understand how the brain is organized. The Martinos Center, a collaboration of MIT, Harvard, and Mass General Hospital is at the center of this work. Simultaneously, a new generation of medical illustrators capture images of the body by using body painting to explore the structure and movement of human anatomy. Artists, students, clinicians, scientists and educators are invited to join WBUR host Carey Goldberg and see and learn more about the newest imaging technologies, including a live body painting depiction of spine surgery by medical illustrator Danny Quirk. Quirk’s painting will reveal the spinal cord and surrounding musculature, and discuss the significance of body painting as a learning tool, taking the art of medical illustration to a new form.
    Sony After the Hack: Lessons in Leadership
    Hosted by Harvard University. Harvard Business Review Editor-in-Chief, Adi Ignatius, will host a conversation with Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Entertainment about leadership and adaptation amidst disruption in the wake of one of the most prominent hacks in corporate history. Join a discussion that explores the unique opportunities presented during a crisis to strengthen and reevaluate organizational culture while examining the evolution and intersection of business technology, security, and privacy.
    Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library Producer Workshop
    Hosted by Converse. During two evenings of HUBweek, the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library will host a workshop centered around educating producers about sampling utilizing the royalty-free Rubber Tracks Sample Library to produce new track. The workshop will take place at Converse WHQ in Boston, and will be hosted by Converse, Indaba Music, and producer Sam Obey (pka Obey City). Each workshop participant will be required to apply through an online application at the link below, and there is a total of 20-25 slots available for the workshop.
    The Healing Arts of Music and Medicine
    Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital. What is it about listening to or playing music that makes us feel better? Lisa Wong, MD, a Mass General Hospital pediatrician, author and past president of Longwood Symphony Orchestra (LSO), which is made up of musicians in the medical field, answers that question and more. In the final session of the Women in Medicine series, Dr. Wong is joined by members of the Longwood Symphony, and Mass General’s music therapist to discuss and demonstrate the healing power of music.
    GlobeDocs Film Festival
    Hosted by The Boston Globe. The GlobeDocs Film Festival is an interactive community event series happening over five days in select theaters across Boston. Designed to engage, promote and celebrate film and production talent, the film festival screenings are specifically curated to include lively, hosted post-film discussions. Also during the festival, the recipient of the newly-launched The Boston Globe’s Filmmakers Fund Award will be announced. Circus without borders, 4:30PM In my Father’s House, 7PM Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead, 7PM (Kendall) Stink!, 7PM
  • Friday, October 9
    WorkBeat: Find Your Rhythm
    Hosted by CBT. Come find your rhythm at WorkBeat! This pop-up community will blur the lines between work and life by offering you one-of-a-kind spaces to not only meet, work, and brainstorm but also relax, play, learn, create and dance to your own beat. From the “Focus Forest” and outdoor co-working spaces to fitness classes and music, this eclectic collection of experiences will encourage you to create a new rhythm to your workday while sparking a powerful conversation about what it means to work, learn and play in Boston today.
    New Balance Runs Boston
    Hosted by New Balance. Nobody runs like Boston. Team New Balance Coach and Olympic Marathoner Mark Coogan, together with a handful of our Team New Balance athletes, will host a scenic 3.5 mile run through the city and along the Esplanade. We will have several pace groups to accommodate all runners. Everyone who signs up will receive a VIP bag filled with New Balance goodies. Join us for welcome and bag check at the New Balance Experience Store by 12:15 PM, followed by New Balance Runs Boston. Pre-run bag check and refreshments post-run will be provided to all participants.
    Lessons from Boston: Using Technology to Improve City Services
    Hosted by Harvard University. The City of Boston has achieved remarkable performance improvements through its use of data. Using internal resources, as well as external partnerships, the city has used technology to improve city services and allow greater access for residents Join the Harvard Kennedy School's Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston and the Taubman Center for State and Local Government to hear panelists explore the city’s approach to using data, its successes, and remaining challenges.
    Our Convention
    Hosted by City Awake. Today, Boston is home to the largest proportion of young adults of any major US city. Young adults make up about 45 percent of eligible voters and nearly half the city’s workforce. They are an economic engine, adding $1 billion annually in goods and services to Boston. On October 9th, 2015, over 70 organizations will convene 300 young adults at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute to participate in the first annual Our Convention, dedicated to producing a shared and actionable civic agenda for Generation Y. Each organization will nominate up to 5 delegates to represent them to ensure diversity and inclusivity.
    The Future of Privacy and Security in a Big Data World
    Hosted by Harvard University. Data is the exhaust of the information age. When we carry our cell phone, send emails or texts, or make purchases with a credit card, we send information about where we are, our associations, and our desires and needs to the corporations that serve us and the governments that monitor us. Because the information is digitized, it is relatively cheap to store, and can be analyzed by computers in great detail. Join Harvard Berkman Fellow and renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier for a master seminar on the corporate and government surveillance enabled by the vast amount of digital data available, the tension between privacy and security and the implications for government policy and reform.
    What Works: Closing the Gender Wage Gap in the City of Boston
    Hosted by Harvard University. The public-private partnerships facilitated by the Mayor and the Boston Women’s Workforce Council provide a model for municipalities to lead by solving this social and economic issue. Learn about the innovative design and research based interventions used by the Mayor in the City of Boston to close the Wage Gap as well as individual and organizational strategies that can be applied.
    Sports Concussions
    Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital. Whether you’ve been knocked out cold during a basketball game or had your “bell rung” while playing soccer, you may be among the 5-10% of athletes who have sustained a concussion during the past year. Join some of Boston’s foremost concussion and brain injury experts for a discussion of what we know about sports concussion in adult and child athletes, what happens when the athlete has a history of depression or other psychiatric illness, and take on challenging questions about treatment and return to play. We’ll also be joined by athletes who’ll talk about their own experience with concussion.
    Dispatches from the Front-lines of Life Sciences
    Hosted by STAT. Boston is home to a rich ecosystem of scientists, technicians and researchers who are shaping the landscape of life sciences innovation. Rick Berke, Editor of STAT, a new life sciences website from Boston Globe Media, will lead a panel discussion with journalists, researchers and leaders in the field for an insider’s perspective of the current state of medical innovation, and its future. Panelists include Carl Zimmer, STAT national correspondent, author and New York Times science columnist, Meg Tirrell, Co-host of STAT podcast, biotech and pharma reporter for CNBC and Sharon Begley, STAT senior writer and author. Following the panel, join an exclusive Q&A with Eric Lander, founding director of the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard, and Seth Mnookin, STAT writer, author and co-director at MIT’s science writing program. Hosted in the heart of Kendall Square at the Mark & Lisa Schwartz Auditorium at The Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, join us for an evening of discussion from the front lines of life sciences.
    The Black in Design Conference
    Hosted by Harvard University. To address social justice from the perspective of design, emphasizing the importance of compassion in the design ethos, the ambition of this conference is to recognize the contributions of African descendants to the design field and, by so doing, to broaden the definition of the designer. A series of conversations including students, faculty, and invited guests will consider design at the scale of the building, neighborhood, city, region, and globe. Organized by the Harvard GSD African American Student Union with support from the Joint Center for Housing Studies, Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, Loeb Fellowship at Harvard GSD, the Dean's Diversity Initiative at Harvard GSD, and H-OAP.
    HUB Slam: A Live Storytelling Competition
    Hosted by C Space. Do you have a tale about jumping through hoops to get funding for your Boston startup? Did you have a moment of inspiration in a memorable Boston location? When C Space opens its doors for HUBweek, we welcome storytellers – anyone with a 5-minute story to share – to come together and talk about what else? Boston. Come listen and be entertained at this open-mic storytelling competition and if you’re brave enough, be one of the storytellers! A panel of CEOs and business leaders, serving as a team of judges, will award a score to each story. The winning storyteller will win a fabulous prize. Please join us for drinks, food and laughs before you head right across the channel.
    Art by the Sea
    Hosted by Friends of Fort Point Channel. Sign up for Art by Sea tour hosted by Friends of Fort Point Channel and FPAC as part of HUBweek. The 30 minute boat tour will give you a closer look at the new floating sculpture in the Fort Point Channel, “Who Wears Wool” designed by Hilary Zelson, an artist known for her installation and mixed media work. Hilary will also join the tour to discuss her art and design for this installation and beyond.
    Beantown Throwdown
    Hosted by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge. Entrepreneurship and innovation will be celebrated HUB-style as aspiring business moguls from Boston-metro’s top public and private educational institutions gather for the 3rd annual Beantown Throwdown.Now in its 3rd year, the Beantown Throwdown will begin with a fireside chat about startups and entrepreneurship, followed by the student pitches. After the student presentations, winners will be determined by audience vote. More than 200 executives from public and private companies, angel and venture investors, members of the media, top service providers, students and others are expected to be in attendance. In addition to market exposure, winning teams will receive a range of prizes to help launch and build their companies.
    HUBweek Block Party
    Hosted by the Greenway Conservancy; Sponsored by IdeaPaint. Join us for a FREE Block Party in The Greenway’s Dewey Square Park. This event will offer music, lawn games, $4 beer/wine, an early look at The Greenway’s new mural by Lawrence Weiner, and an interactive art exhibit by IdeaPaint! Admission is free, but 21+ where beer & wine will be served. Note this event was cancelled due to weather.
    Greenway Echelman Closing Celebration
    Hosted by the Greenway Conservancy. Join The Greenway Conservancy for a closing celebration directly under the sculpture. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet Janet Echelman, visit with Greenway Public Art Curator Lucas Cowan, and view finalists of the Greenway/Echelman photography competition. There will also be a very special, surprise, one-time Echelman sculpture viewing opportunity! Note this event was cancelled due to weather.
    "Redactions" at Boston City Hall
    Hosted by HUBweek, Non-Event, and Boston Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture. Electronic musician and composer Keith Fullerton Whitman performs a new work for modular synthesizer within the enormous interior mezzanine of Boston City Hall. Taking his cues from the raw concrete forms and cavernous space of this icon of so-called Brutalist architecture, Keith will use the room’s unusual and complex acoustics to shape and diffuse the piece. With introductory remarks by architect Chris Grimley, author of Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston (Monacelli Press), this event is free and open to the public at Boston City Hall, Mezzanine Level. Doors open at 6:30 PM.
    GlobeDocs Film Festival
    Hosted by The Boston Globe. The GlobeDocs Film Festival is an interactive community event series happening over five days in select theaters across Boston. Designed to engage, promote and celebrate film and production talent, the film festival screenings are specifically curated to include lively, hosted post-film discussions. Also during the festival, the recipient of the newly-launched The Boston Globe’s Filmmakers Fund Award will be announced. The Diplomat @3 Requiem for the America Dream @5:30 The Armor of Light @8PM
    Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library Producer Workshop
    Hosted by Converse. During two evenings of HUBweek, the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library will host a workshop centered around educating producers about sampling utilizing the royalty-free Rubber Tracks Sample Library to produce new track. The workshop will take place at Converse WHQ in Boston, and will be hosted by Converse, Indaba Music, and producer Sam Obey (pka Obey City). Each workshop participant will be required to apply through an online application at the link below, and there is a total of 20-25 slots available for the workshop.
  • Saturday, October 10
    Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library Hackathon/Jamathon
    Hosted by Converse. Developers will be given access to the Rubber Tracks Sample Library API, where they can access the library’s samples and metadata, and will be challenged with conceiving of and creating new apps/programs/products that utilize the sample library content in innovative ways. While the HackAthon is going on in Converse WHQ, accepted musician applicants will be invited to the Rubber Tracks Studio to create new music as part of a JamAthon. For the first part of the day (10AM-6PM) participating musicians will rotate through the studio adding to a provided musical starting point. From 6PM to 10PM producer Obey City will take all the material created throughout the day, sample it, and create an entire new track before 10PM. Applications will be presented and Obey City’s mix of the JamAthon content will be premiered as part of a light and fun celebration.
    The Black in Design Conference
    Hosted by Harvard University. To address social justice from the perspective of design, emphasizing the importance of compassion in the design ethos, the ambition of this conference is to recognize the contributions of African descendants to the design field and, by so doing, to broaden the definition of the designer. A series of conversations including students, faculty, and invited guests will consider design at the scale of the building, neighborhood, city, region, and globe. Organized by the Harvard GSD African American Student Union with support from the Joint Center for Housing Studies, Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, Loeb Fellowship at Harvard GSD, the Dean's Diversity Initiative at Harvard GSD, and H-OAP.
    The Future of Learning Laboratory
    Hosted by Harvard University. New technologies open up new possibilities for learning, from novel tools and materials for designing and making, to simulations that enable us to see the world in new ways, to digital technologies that connect people around the globe. Join us for a lively afternoon of hands-on workshops, interactive activities, and participatory demonstrations that explore the future of learning. Designed primarily for kids and families, people of all ages are welcome to attend the event, which is co-hosted by educators and researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge Public Schools, and the Harvard Ed Portal.
    Engineering+Entrepreneurship: Making Robotics Fly
    Hosted by Harvard University. Robots and drones are fascinating to watch, but what are their practical applications? Ubiquitous use of robotics is poised to transform the way we live, work and play during the next 20 years much as the Internet did in last 20 years. This event is meant to entertain, educate, and demystify by showcasing a range of robotics, with an emphasis on unmanned aerial vehicles. Thought leaders from the Harvard Business School and Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences will place this emerging field in the perspective of engineering and entrepreneurship and the role that Boston can play in the emerging robotics ecosystem.
    Innovating the Commonwealth's Food Economy
    Hosted by Commonwealth Kitchen and Fresh Truck. An ecosystem of food innovators will convene at CommonWealth Kitchen for a celebration of local food, showcasing the amazing entrepreneurs and innovative organizations who are disrupting and re-imaging our regional food economy. Work alongside amazing chefs to pickle, can, and preserve the harvest in CommonWealth Kitchen’s state-of-the-art facilities, or play with your food and help to craft sweet and savory hand pies, using the freshest local ingredients. Sample delicious local fares and meet the visionary farmers, processors, distributors, educators and community partners who are strengthening our regional food system. Meet with your neighbors and enjoy a community feast at this family-friendly event.
    GlobeDocs Film Festival
    Hosted by The Boston Globe. The GlobeDocs Film Festival is an interactive community event series happening over five days in select theaters across Boston. Designed to engage, promote and celebrate film and production talent, the film festival screenings are specifically curated to include lively, hosted post-film discussions. Also during the festival, the recipient of the newly-launched The Boston Globe’s Filmmakers Fund Award will be announced. Shorts Program @ 11:30 The State of Marriage @ 2 Containment @ 4:30 Closing Night Party, Fastball @7 in Fenway Park
    Hosted by HUBweek. ILLUMINUS, Boston’s nighttime contemporary art festival, presents innovative and imaginative art interventions that are site-specific and multi-sensory. Established in the SoWa Arts District, the festival takes over Lansdowne Street on Saturday, October 10 to close out HUBweek. The exterior of Fenway’s “Green Monster” will be transformed into a 3-story percussion instrument, a multidimensional screen for projection, and a canvas for a diverse range of immersive art installations. ILLUMINUS will include performances by musicians working in collaboration with visual artists creating an evolving light and sound environment. Interactive and participatory projects will showcase designers working at the intersection of art and technology.